Communications from Mimas have been diverted...

    Due to the simplicty of setting up a wordpress blog on any web server worth using I have decided to start a new blog. I know I do not update often but I want it to look nice when I do. Livejournal has never really done anyone well in the way of asthetics.

    I know this blog was simple to browse using text based browsers. If anyone has conflicts with the new blog let me know. I can easily add a lynx friendly portal.

    The new blog is located at:

    I will update here now and then but the new blog will be my main one.
sharp & smooth = Terrible shell host

Super Dimension Fortress - Review

    For about eight years I have been using UNIX and Linux systems. For most of that time I have used the services of SDF's (Super Dimension Fortress) "free" UNIX shell account. As soon as I signed up I donated $38 to activate my user account and bring it up to an ARPA account. That donation granted me a "life time" membership. These accounts are made available for students and anyone else who wants to use a UNIX shell account for educational purposes so it is made to be inexpensive. About two months ago my account was deleted with no explanation and only answered one of my emails after contacting them several times. I never broke any of the rules in the time I had my shell account there.

    Because of this I lost everything I had saved on that server. This includes pretty much every picture I posted on this blog. Most of these photos I did not have saved anywhere else.

    Do not donate money to I have found a new, completely free, shell host who provides more and the sysop is actually involved with the users. Take a look at if you are interested in learning Unix or want free web hosting that offers PHP/CGI and as many MySQL databases as you want. Along with that, since this is a free UNIX shell account you can login with SSH and SFTP access... So you can upload web pages via FTP and setup cPanel (if that's what you want) and manage your website. Or you can use it for hosting pictures and videos like I do.
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USPS Testing

    Recently an idea struck me. Because I am curious whether or not they would send certain packages or envelopes under certain conditions, the United States Postal Service (USPS) needs some testing . My first test was this: Send an envelope with insufficient postage accompanied by a coin to make up for it.

    I decided to start out small and work up to more outrageous tests. If you have any ideas on testing the USPS let me know, I will probably try it as long as it's not harmful or illegal, obviously.

  1. I place insufficient postage accompanied by a quarter. I taped the quarter in place of where the other stamp should have gone. I did not use a return address so that they could not send it back, even though they really are sending it back to me, they just don't know it! Then I wrote a note on the side explaining my circumstances.

    The note under the postage says (after I took this photo I added "-thanks" at the end):
    Sorry, I didn't have another stamp but had to send this before the mail was picked up. Here is the change for it.

  2. Just to be sure they did not grow suspicious, open the envelope and find nothing, I placed a piece of important documentation.

  3. I then sent the envelope off in one of those big blue mailboxes. To avoid any extra suspicion I sent it from another city, Fargo.

  4. Usually an envelope arrives at its destination within about three days, however, I did not expect to find this one. But I did. Here's the proof!

    When I sent this envelope to myself I did not think it would succeed. In the case of it succeeding I pictured the quarter removed by a postal worker and a stamp in place of it. As you can see in this photo the quarter was left the envelope throughout its travels. The printing over the postage was scattered into a bunch of little specks because there was too much space between the paper and the printer.

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The Uglymugs

    If you are Steve Grice, Jeffery Paterson (founder of IUMA), Pualy Husky or Danny Johnson and were in the band The Uglymugs (or Ugly Mugs) please contact me. I've been in search of your music for years since it has been unavailable on the internet.

    Some nine years ago I became a fan of your music. Once I had it all but lost it all to the ones and zeros of the hyper cruel technological age. Please contact me here if you can. Otherwise email me at flipjargendy [adt]

    Hopefully a search engine will pick this page up.... I need that music. William Shat is getting boring.