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the old com port from Herschel...

Mimas, Saturn
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i hate astronauts. They get to go into space and all we get out of it are pictures. i want to go into space.
333, also the number 3, beatings, bookcrossing, carboard boxes & stairs, electric spinal kisses, eye kisses, graveyard dancing, hats in general, having my belly tickled, holding beauty tightly, i hate astronauts, i hate vegans, karate chop massacre, kuru, leaping from cars, music of object's thoughts, my mind trap hat, my scruggle bunny, not having a job, our river monsters, pro thunderball, pushing over dead trees, saigon suicide squade, super cool, the blazing torch partition, the fourth cycle, the gun circle, theta waves, trepanation, turtle haüs, un common backrub, vegitarians are only annoying