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Wasted domain no more... the new location for the blog... [  5.13.08  •  9:12PM ]
    Sinc I have not done with this domain name what I originally intended, it was being wasted. For this reason, I have decided to host my blog here at: blog.obnoxium.org.

I am not sure if I have mentioned it before but the Obnoxium is a strange land which I visit now and then. The only visual documentation of this land has been destroyed by my old web host' sysop... The bastard.
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Communications from Mimas have been diverted... [  3.28.08  •  12:57AM ]
    Due to the simplicty of setting up a wordpress blog on any web server worth using I have decided to start a new blog. I know I do not update often but I want it to look nice when I do. Livejournal has never really done anyone well in the way of asthetics.

    I know this blog was simple to browse using text based browsers. If anyone has conflicts with the new blog let me know. I can easily add a lynx friendly portal.

    The new blog is located at: flipjarg.blinkenshell.org/blog/

    I will update here now and then but the new blog will be my main one.
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SDF.Lonestar.org = Terrible shell host [  3.20.08  •  2:50AM ]
Super Dimension Fortress - SDF.Lonestar.org Review

    For about eight years I have been using UNIX and Linux systems. For most of that time I have used the services of SDF's (Super Dimension Fortress) "free" UNIX shell account. As soon as I signed up I donated $38 to activate my user account and bring it up to an ARPA account. That donation granted me a "life time" membership. These accounts are made available for students and anyone else who wants to use a UNIX shell account for educational purposes so it is made to be inexpensive. About two months ago my account was deleted with no explanation and only answered one of my emails after contacting them several times. I never broke any of the rules in the time I had my shell account there.

    Because of this I lost everything I had saved on that server. This includes pretty much every picture I posted on this blog. Most of these photos I did not have saved anywhere else.

    Do not donate money to SDF.lonestar.org. I have found a new, completely free, shell host who provides more and the sysop is actually involved with the users. Take a look at BlinkenShell.org if you are interested in learning Unix or want free web hosting that offers PHP/CGI and as many MySQL databases as you want. Along with that, since this is a free UNIX shell account you can login with SSH and SFTP access... So you can upload web pages via FTP and setup cPanel (if that's what you want) and manage your website. Or you can use it for hosting pictures and videos like I do.
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USPS Testing [  3.11.08  •  11:48AM ]
    Recently an idea struck me. Because I am curious whether or not they would send certain packages or envelopes under certain conditions, the United States Postal Service (USPS) needs some testing . My first test was this: Send an envelope with insufficient postage accompanied by a coin to make up for it.

    I decided to start out small and work up to more outrageous tests. If you have any ideas on testing the USPS let me know, I will probably try it as long as it's not harmful or illegal, obviously.

  1. I place insufficient postage accompanied by a quarter. I taped the quarter in place of where the other stamp should have gone. I did not use a return address so that they could not send it back, even though they really are sending it back to me, they just don't know it! Then I wrote a note on the side explaining my circumstances.

    The note under the postage says (after I took this photo I added "-thanks" at the end):
    Sorry, I didn't have another stamp but had to send this before the mail was picked up. Here is the change for it.

  2. Just to be sure they did not grow suspicious, open the envelope and find nothing, I placed a piece of important documentation.

  3. I then sent the envelope off in one of those big blue mailboxes. To avoid any extra suspicion I sent it from another city, Fargo.

  4. Usually an envelope arrives at its destination within about three days, however, I did not expect to find this one. But I did. Here's the proof!

    When I sent this envelope to myself I did not think it would succeed. In the case of it succeeding I pictured the quarter removed by a postal worker and a stamp in place of it. As you can see in this photo the quarter was left the envelope throughout its travels. The printing over the postage was scattered into a bunch of little specks because there was too much space between the paper and the printer.

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Why I Called Fox News "Propoganda" Live on Fox News [  2.29.08  •  4:28PM ]
    I posted a video of, comedian, Lee Camp ripping on Fox News on one of their live broadcasts. Here's a follow up on a little of what happened after it and what he has to say about it.

   I ripped into Fox "News" while on a Fox "News" morning show last week. I thought I'd answer a bunch of questions people had about the incident... (read more | digg story)
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Comedian's Anti-Fox News Rant During Live Broadcast [  2.24.08  •  4:21PM ]
    I wish there were more people like this able to work their way onto networks like this one. They fortified what he said even more with their next topic of news, you won't believe it.

Watch the video

digg story
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If only it were a joke... [  2.19.08  •  3:53PM ]

"The White People's Candidate"
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The Ugly Mugs strike a chord with me once again!!! [  1.5.08  •  8:35AM ]
    Across the vast expanses of the internet one of the members of The Ugly Mugs has come upon this blog! I received an email from one of the members with a link to the crunches and slave meat that I remember fondly. The good ol' Ugly Mugs music!
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I'm A Hacker Cuz I maxxors techsno 4 beta chazzum [  10.24.07  •  11:36PM ]
Max the gig pusherz wit'da ampz bitkhes! DJ Dieselboy buztin 'n th3 jungle!

Prafeszr Wizurd and Hatezyer mama are blaztin the max wattij comin' B-hind, tozzin ^ yor mi9d lIke a Kaezar Sal4d.
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The Uglymugs [  10.9.07  •  5:16PM ]
    If you are Steve Grice, Jeffery Paterson (founder of IUMA), Pualy Husky or Danny Johnson and were in the band The Uglymugs (or Ugly Mugs) please contact me. I've been in search of your music for years since it has been unavailable on the internet.

    Some nine years ago I became a fan of your music. Once I had it all but lost it all to the ones and zeros of the hyper cruel technological age. Please contact me here if you can. Otherwise email me at flipjargendy [adt] hotmail.com

    Hopefully a search engine will pick this page up.... I need that music. William Shat is getting boring.

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...?php subject= "i'm learning a new language!" ?> [  7.29.07  •  7:41PM ]
    Not much new news (sounds like a "noonoos". It could be a word a small child uses) to share today. Just bored and feel like writing something. Neal Young is up right now on Rach's (sounds like "Roks" if you're using German dialect) mix CD (sounds like "say day" if you're still using the German dialect).

    I've begun my transition to proper typing. I used to read quite a bit about serial killers. There was one in particular that wrote his letters to police and press in all lower case letters except for the word in reference to ones self: the word "I". They figured he had an ego problem... too big of an ego. There were a number of other things they looked at in the way he wrote his letters. One of the other things they thought was a good possibility was that he had a speech impediment. They were right about both.

    I've been reading a book on Nikola Tesla called Tesla: Man Out of Time and have become somewhat obsessed with electricity and Nikola Tesla. Thanks Noraa! This man was an amazing inventor. He was using wireless technology (that he created) in the 1890's. He had a number of very important inventions that have major application in our day. Some reading on this fella will turn up quite a bit of surprising information. As for Thomas Edison, he was quite a sleazy guy. I would list the things he did to disirve this title but I suggest some reading on him to find out what I'm talking about. It's too much to list. Basically he did a lot of patenting of other peoples inventions... but under his name.

    Also, I have to share a list of Cyborgs that must be shared:
  1. Justin Timberlake - Currently at the end of his electronic brain's life expectancy he's slowly declining into a terrible stupor. This is a report I have received from my sources,"Cyborg Justing Timerlake has been malfunctioning terribly. The owner of this cyborg has become quite annoyed and given up on maintaining him. His latest album, with it's simple drum loops gives Def Leppard's drummer the comfort of knowing loosing his other arm will not ruin his career.

  2. George Lucas - He was created for high commercial income and was programmed very well. Yet, he's also at the end of his life span and has also not been maintained in many years. Thus, the newest Star Wars movies were in theaters prefacing his previous movies.

   more of this report to come...
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More on Hans Reiser... [  7.28.07  •  1:41PM ]
    This is an update on the strange software engineer, Hans Reiser. This is actually a recent interview of the man. This is a very interesting story.

Hans Reiser: Once a Linux Visionary, Now Accused of Murder

Thursday, June 26, 2007

Arraigned for murder in October 2006, Reiser is being held in Santa Rita Jail near San Francisco.

Hans Reiser is waiting for me, standing on the other side of an imitation-wood table. The room is small, the concrete walls bare. A guard locks the steel door from the outside. There is no sound. Reiser is wearing the red jumpsuit of a prisoner in solitary confinement, though he has been allowed to meet with me in this chilly visiting room. There was a time when he was known as a cantankerous but visionary open source programmer. His work was funded by the government; he was widely credited (and sometimes reviled) for rethinking the structure of the Linux operating system. Now he is known as prisoner BFP563.

I stick out my hand. It's an awkward moment — his wrists are chained to his waist. It's mid-December now, and he's been in this jail 40 miles east of San Francisco for two months, ever since the Alameda County District Attorney's office accused him of murdering Nina Reiser, his estranged wife. The police found drops of her blood in Reiser's house and car, and, when they picked him up on an Oakland street to swab his mouth for DNA, he was carrying his passport and $8,960 in cash in a fanny pack. At the police station, they photographed his body for signs of scratches or bruises. None were found. By this time, though, he had been under surveillance for three weeks. The police had followed him on foot, tailed his car, and even tracked him by airplane. On October 10, he was arrested, locked up, and, days later, charged with murder. (His trial is set to begin in July.) His only visitors have been his lawyers and his parents. I'm the first new face he's seen from the outside world.

I'm here because his defense lawyer thinks I will understand Reiser. The accused is a 43-year-old geek — he lives in his own world of computer code, videogames, and science fiction books. He spent his early twenties developing a role-playing game to compete with Dungeons & Dragons while writing a novel about aliens invading Earth. By age 30, he'd decided that his talents would be better applied to recrafting overlooked aspects of the Linux operating system. As a technology writer, I frequently meet people like this. Just because he doesn't behave like the rest of us — and just because he evaded police surveillance and bought a book titled Masterpieces of Murder shortly after his wife's disappearance — doesn't mean he's guilty. I have been asked to try to understand this, to try to understand the man.

And so I shake his shackled hand and ask my first question.

"Tell me about your file system."

+ /* initialize transaction manager */
+ init_txnmgr(&sbinfo->tmgr);

  Read more...Collapse )
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A lttiel, ietrnestnig fcat!!! [  6.27.07  •  1:36PM ]
    Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by itslef but the wrod as a wlohe.
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A weekend i will not forget... and scam artists... [  6.22.07  •  4:26PM ]
    Starting with the good: Rach and i stayed at Aaron and Miranda's place. It was a great time. I wish we didn't have to go to the wedding though... at least Ad and Al were there... otherwise i would have used the toilette the whole time (#2) and possibly more. There were some good aspects of the wedding but we stayed too long, i just wanted to hang out with Aaron and Miranda. The weekend was quite a frenzy of odd occurrences. The first night we were there we went out to eat and got some drinks at an interesting little place in Fargo. Then on the way home Aaron and i came upon a rolled over truck in the middle of his road. We thought there would be a bludgeoned man inside but there was instead a mess of drunk people who were friends of the driver. It was interesting watching them, i felt like i was in Run Ronnie Run. At one point these four guys, probably not too much older then me, were trying to flip the large pick-up truck (full length bed) by hand. It did not budge.

    Aaron and i found out how to make the terrorists next best friend. It's extremely simple to make a tazer out of a regular camera. It produces a very bright flash of light and enough energy to bond the wires to metal. We put quite a few pits in those coins that were trying to take us out. Any terrorist or paranoid traveler could get this through security without a problem. i'll prove it next time i take a flight.

    The next night i was awakened by tiny little fists coming bolting against me. Rachel was doing her waking ritual. i'm a heavy sleeper. Apparently the severe weather sirens had been going off. i thought it was nothing... just a little windy. Besides, the sirens weren't going off by the time i became fully conscious. i looked out the window and the trees were swishing around. Suddenly i heard what really sounded like a train wheels humming, whistle and all. The tree out the back window stopped swishing, instead all of it's branches were being pulled straight across like a gelled hair-do. No damage was done to their home.

         One last note
    i'm going to say that 96.9% of insurance agents are scam artists. i am pretty sure every insurance agent will die at Armageddon.
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Kay & Gee Bruthas' Store.. [  6.12.07  •  9:20AM ]
   Yesterday, Rachel and i went shopping for two new suites for me. K&G Men's Store has a sale: purchase two suites and get them for $150.00. We payed a little more though since almost all the suites that are on that sale are on one 3x3 large rack.
   i did end up finding some suites that looked good on me. My favorite one was not for me... i tried it on and the bald black guy, Kermit, who looked like he should have been a taxi driver in Florida, said it's a Magic Johnson suite. Apparently Magic has a clothing line? Either way i assumed he was saying is for black people and not a nerdy white guy like some people (not me). When i returned to the dressing room i couldn't help but wonder if everyone sewing up the suites had AIDS or HIV. i figure Magic would hire people he felt an affinity too. Then i thought,"They must have a pretty heavy employee turn over.
   Kermit helped quite a bit in choosing a suite. i thought i was a size 36 but he said i'm a 40. So i got a suite that fits! He went out to the floor because i was having trouble finding one. He came back with a couple that he thought would suite me well (hehe). Rachel wanted me to get a dark grey suite... yuck! i can't stand shopping for suites they're all so plain.
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Linux Programmer Accused of Murdering Wife [  5.7.07  •  10:53AM ]
    This is an interesting case. The man who created the ReiserFS Journaling System has been accused of murdering his wife. His friend, a witness on the case has just confessed to killing nine people. However, those murders are not connected to the trial. This is a very strange case, take a look at the article below. The oddest thing to me is that i thought programmers did not have wives.

Reiser Prosecution Jolt: Victim's Ex-Lover Confesses to Eight Killings

Thursday, May 3, 2007

A former lover of the missing wife of Linux programmer and accused spouse killer Hans Reiser has confessed to killing eight people unrelated to the case, prosecutors informed the defense last week.

Sean Sturgeon, a one-time friend of Reiser's, had already been a focus of the defense team's efforts to shift suspicion off Reiser in the disappearance of his estranged wife, Nina Reiser. Sturgeon's alleged confession to a series of unrelated murders will likely complicate the trial, which is set to begin Monday.

"(Deputy District Attorney) Paul Hora indicated that the court was ordering him to divulge this information," defense attorney Richard Tamor said last Friday. "He also said that Sturgeon had confessed to a potential ninth murder, but that Sturgeon wasn't sure if the victim was fully dead when he left him."

"Sturgeon claims that the murders were in retaliation for his abuse as a child," said Ramon Reiser, Hans Reiser's father, who was briefed by the defense team over the weekend and spoke to Wired News on Sunday.

On Monday, Superior Court Judge Don Clay issued a gag order barring attorneys on both sides from discussing Sturgeon.

Prosecutor Hora declined to comment on the confession Thursday, or on any law enforcement investigation of Sturgeon, citing the gag order. "In fact, I can't even comment on the gag order because the order is sealed," Hora said.

Reached by phone Wednesday night, Sturgeon did not deny that he had made the confession.

Sturgeon's answers in the 40-minute interview were frequently evasive, and he declined to answer specific questions about the alleged killings. "I have offered to be judged for my crimes," he said at one point. "I take responsibility for what I have done."

Nonetheless, he vigorously denied killing Nina Reiser. "I've never been a threat to Nina Reiser," Sturgeon said. "I will take a lie-detector test. I will take whatever passes for truth serum these days." He also indicated that the evidence pointed to Hans Reiser's guilt. "I will not take credit for what another has done," he said. "Let Hans take a lie-detector test about Nina."

It's unclear when Sturgeon made the confession -- he would say only, "I have cooperated since day one." Asked why he had confessed at all, he responded with this question: "In a murder case, if somebody has killed, who is a witness, is it relevant? Yes or no?"

When this reporter responded that it was relevant, Sturgeon said, "Then you have the answer to your question."

Sturgeon added that confessing was one of the most difficult decisions of his life. He also regrets being a source of distraction in the case, joking that he is not so much a red herring as a "red Sturgeon."

Nina Reiser was last seen Sept. 3 at the home Hans Reiser shared with his mother in the Montclair area of Oakland, California. Her van turned up five days later, abandoned on a quiet residential street two miles from Reiser's home. Though no body has been found, Reiser was arrested Oct. 10 after the Oakland Police Department found small drops of blood in his house and in his Honda CRX. DNA testing tied the blood to Nina Reiser.

According to testimony in preliminary hearings in the case, Nina Reiser had once dated Sturgeon, but broke off their relationship in January 2006 because she was unhappy with his lifestyle and taste for sadomasochism.
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Premium bike riding! [  5.2.07  •  9:27PM ]
    Today was my first day commuting by bicycle since 1999. My dad and i were tearing up a concrete slab at our fist job of the year. i forgot how heavy a 2x2 piece of concrete can be. It was great though! On my bike ride i went about 17 miles all together. i took the long way home and did some premium trail riding on some off-road biking trails. A Doberman came tearing at me, i didn't think he was fenced in, but he was.

    That Ukrainian guy in Everything is Illuminated (a crappy movie) sounded groovy in the way he blabbed. i like how he said that things were "premium" when he thought something was very good. i just wish i could pull of using it... he sounded premium.

    i think i'm going to start video taping myself riding my bike down trails. i bet i could add some groovy music like in this video. In fact, my video would look a lot like this one.
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A cat from the sewers... [  4.19.07  •  10:56AM ]
    Yesterday, Rachel and i were walking around our apartment complex when i noticed a cat in one of the sewer drains. It was sitting on the metal drain right underneath the curb. Probably for a little shade. Just as soon as i saw the little hobo he had jumped down into the sewer system! We could still see the little hobo just peaking up at us. It was sitting on a ledge crying.
    "Oh no." Rachel said sadly,"something is wrong with him."
    "No worries," i said,"i will save his life!"

    i lifted the enormous manhole off the drain and threw it a at least thirty feet away. i told Rachel not to worry and jumped feet first into the manhole, disregarding the ladder. When i landed below i crouched so that the cat would not be startled. There was a family of Hell's Angels living down there! They claimed the cat was theirs. i knew the cat was hurt so i said,"It is quite obvious that you are not taking into account the well being of this cat. i am going to rescue it from the greasy likes of you people!"

    The battle began. Three burly, bearded grease giants came barreling toward me with chains and mammoth fists. i could hear the of the giants flapping around as they came hurtling toward me. However, it was dark, they were unable to see me. As they got closer and they were able to see me visibly i could sense their fear growing. i met them in their charge with a shrill scream and followed through with destructive power. The battle was mine.
    As i mounted two of their bikes at once i calmed their terrified woman saying,"i can see my work here is done. i will do no harm to you." and i roared off leaving the giants and their wives behind.
    i made my way through the sewers to an exit. i went back to Rachel and gave her one of the motorcycles. We brought the cat home to keep. He had roughed up paws so we brought him to the vet i nursed him back to health. i was crying so noble. ( See pictures... no longer hosted)
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A concert last night... [  4.16.07  •  12:10PM ]
    A group of us went to a concert last night. i think the band was called Staunch Redhead. The opening band was cool! They were called something like Re-run Movies and they had a lady in a black dress dancing around. There was an Asian girl in the opening band as well. She was also in the second band and i saw her in the crowd a couple of times as well. Every time she was wearing very different clothes. The first time i saw her she was wearing black pants and a t-shirt. Then she was wearing no pants and a puffy shirt. Then when i was leaving i saw she was wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. And this time she had a purse! Asian people change their clothes super fast!

    Another strange thing. In the crowd there was this guy to my left. He had curly hair, glasses and a plaid button up shirt that was hanging open to reveal a black shirt. His wife was trying to get really close to me and dance with me and stuff. i was really uncomfortable. He kept grabbing my butt and stuff too. He looked really familiar... and then he said something to me in a sort of witty way with a touch of sarcasm,"Hey man, I like Justin Timberlake." ( Don't you see? Minneapolis is weird! )
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Just an epiphany... [  4.11.07  •  3:15PM ]
    i realize that the magazine may not be the problem... it is todays popular music that i dislike. Since the magazine focuses, mostly, on the popular music of our day i am not interested in it. i do not like bands like Bright Eyes or the music of Justin Timberlake. i do enjoy Bob Dylan and The Beatles though. It seems that there is always an article on at least one of them in each issue. After looking through a bit on the website i'd say i'm about 92% disinterested in Rolling Stone Magazine. However, i did find this article pleasing. Copied ArticleCollapse )
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